Who are we?

DropNet Ltd is an import, export & re-sale business based in London, United Kingdom. .

After 20+ years within the E-Commerce sector, we have a new start-up DropNet Ltd, with the intent of creating a more cohesive, structured and higher-quality product line for consumers.

We pride ourselves in offering opportunities and prospects to university graduates, gap-year students, etc, which all hold important roles in our team.


Years of Experience

We were there for the dot-com boom.
Over 20 years of e-Commerce experience providing a variety of different products.

Helping the Community

Continually striving to take on new talent, independent of their background.
All of our sourcing, market-research, and R&D done in-house.

Amazon Specialist

We have migrated a large portion of our business to Amazon and have consequently accrued valuable experience with the platform.

Our Team

Our Staff are the backbone of our business – This is our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

We run a variety of different webstores, selling a plethora of different items.
Our most popular webstores can be found on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and more.

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We have extensive experience with consumer-grade products. Our most popular range of products is:

We have experience in a variety of different webstores, selling a diverse range of items. Our current webstore can be found on Amazon.co.uk .

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2 Neville Place

High Road

London, United Kingdom

N22 8HX

Tel: 07500 541 541

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At DropNet, we pride ourselves at offering opportunities to university graduates, gap year students, etc.

We are currently looking for apprentices, please contact us to learn more about our apprenticeship prospects.