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Empowering Tomorrow

Vorsprung is DropNet's most well-established brand, with over 56 products under the Vorsprung brand name. It is currently the best selling brand under the DropNet umbrella, with over 78 percent of total revenue attributed directly to the Vorsprung brand.

Vorsprung also has its own website, VorsprungOfficial, which features EV Chargers and Accessories exclusively, in addition to all other sales channels.

Vorsprung also features a variety of different products outside of the EV Chargers and Accessories category, including but not limited to the Vorsprung Baby Kettle, Vorsprung Baby Milk Machine, and the Vorsprung Triple Screen.

Creator of the Lint Shaver

LintAway features one single product, the LintAway Lint Shaver, our best selling product to date (in units sold).

The Lint Shaver is priced at only £9.95, and has sold over 30,000 units since DropNet's creation, with over 360 positive reviews. The Lint Shaver is available exclusively on Amazon.

Given the success of this product, our R&D team is currently developing an updated version of the Lint Shaver, featuring a more durable body and now available in different colours.

Find our more about our Lint Shaver on Amazon.

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Personal Safety and Security for all

Colt Security focuses on personal safety items, including personal alarms, criminal identifier sprays, bike and scooter locks, and more.

Products under the Colt Security brand name are available throughout most sales channels, including eBay and Amazon. Currently, Colt Security does not have its own webstore.

We aim to bring personal safety and security to everyone at affordable prices. Most importantly, we aim to provide legal and safe options for personal safety, such as our Criminal identifier Spray.

Going to the NEXT Level

GymFace is DropNet's fitness brand, focusing primarily on personal wellbeing, fitness, and more.

GymFace is most known for the Jaw Exerciser, available exclusively on Amazon for £14.99. The Jaw Exerciser aims to provide targeted exercise that promotes muscle growth around the jaw area, for a more pronounced jawline.

GymFace has sold over 1,500 units and has been actively trading since June 2021.

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Personal Care and Beauty Products

MSM London is one of DropNet's brands focusing on Personal Care and Beauty Products. It has been operational since April 2021, and is one of DropNet's earliest brands.

The brand features products such as the Tattoo Numbing Cream, as well as Speciality Nail/Manicure Brushes and Eyebrow Tattoos.

MSM London has since sold over 6,500 units and has maintained a healthy growth throughout the company's growth.

MSM products are available exclusively on Amazon.

Made with love

Vornn focuses on Maternity & Baby Products, with items such as the Baby Ear Defender (pictured), offering sound-isolation for loud environments, plane rides, children with sensory over-stimulation, and more.

Vornn also features a variety of Hands-Free Breast Pumps, Baby Formula Kettles, and more. Vornn products are available throughout all sales channels, with the exception of its own website.

Vornn has sold over 1,300 units and has been operational since June 2021.

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