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Global Ventures

For the vast majority of DropNet's trading history, the company has maintained a single sales-channel that operates exclusively in the United Kingdom. Recently, we have initiated a variety of global ventures that have allowed for increased availability of DropNet product, both through the expansion of available geographical marketplaces, as well as the increase of available sales channels.

Namely, DropNet has initiated . . .

Procurement & Logistics

We are proud to announce a variety of improvements in our modus-operandi regarding the procurement and associated logistics of DropNet products. Quarter 4 of 2021 saw the implementation of a Warehouse Management/Inventory Management System, in conjunction with the adoption of a Purchase Order-Work Order system.

This implementation poses . . .

DropNet Culture

Welcome to DropNet Ltd! Our first blog post will be dedicated to the essence of the company – The Aspirational goals and the people who make them a reality. The people at DropNet Ltd form the crux of the company, working together with a collective goal of expansion of the company. An average day at DropNet Ltd is at par with the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

We are presented with . . .